bad IBM HDD?

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Hi, I have recently built a new PC, and everythings going good, except for an annoying little 'whirring' noise that appears every 10 minutes or so, sometimes sounds like it is trying to find data, it also makes a noise similar to when you first boot up. I am thinking it is either one of my fans (heat exhaust or PSU fan, PWR supply fan, or GFX card fan, CPU fan). Could be anything though(CD ROMS etc) If it aint one of those, then it must be my HDD.

I have a IBMDeskstar 120GXP 40GB 7,200rpm- it has good performance, but i think it is the HDD that is dying, there is no loss in performance at the momet, but my pc is getting slower (gradually, thats probably just winXPpro).

So as it stands I am ready to send back my HDD to the place I bought it from for a replacement, but before I do-it would be great if one of you guys can help me solve the problem. If it isnt the HDD and I send it back, and it still makes the noises, il be annoyed- so I need to find the route of the problem.

Full spec is:

AMD XP2000+
MSI KT3 Ultra2
256DDR (266) RAM
IBM 120GXP 7200rpm 40GB
XFX GF4Ti4200 64MB
Lite-On 48x12x48
AC97 sound
I possobality is that it could be the system speaker making that noise. IT is usually located under the hard drive/floppy bay. If you find that it is the source of the problem you could always disconect it from the motherboard.
You mentioned the system speaker... you could be right, so have you had this problem, or is it just a guess?

I'm gonna try it anyway

hmm, that sounds to me like the cd-rom spinning up, does the cd rom light come on when it does this?
I never had the noise problem, one of my friend's computer's did though, and that's what stopped it.
I once had this issue. N i realise its my HDD which is having problem retrieving datas. Its a form of cracking sound everytime you try to open some data.
you can always try unplugging certain devices, .. like the speaker that was mentioned, or your cd rom drive.. if you have another hard drive you can replace your new one with ??
It happens to me too

First of all, i'm spanish, so xcuse me if my english is not as good as I would want...
I have a 30 gb Ibm HD, in an IBM PC, everything working well till 1 year an a half, that everything in my win xp was too slow and worst of all, going slower day to day...

1 or 2 months later, the sound you talk about appeared, and believe if i say that its not the speaker!!!

I think the cause of this was having the computer 7 days in a week 24 hours a day running, with edonkey opened and downloading all the time.

Defragmenting, formating and checking for errors, may help (indeed, it helps, because I try to make a partition, format it and desfragmenting, and it was faster), but due to this problem I've lost many data stored in a hidden partition winth another OS.
Be careful and buy a HD whenever you can!!

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