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I went to my local computer store to look at upgrading my Dell XPS, I7 3.4 ghz, 24gb RAM which is about 10 years old. My issue was to make it a video editing machine. They advised me that it would need a new MB, CPU and RAM (DDR4) as well as an updated GPU.

They tried to sell me on an Intel I5 processor. The editing software I use depends heavily on GPU and multiple CPU threads. My own research strongly suggested an AMD Threadripper. I showed the tech the parts I had selected, MB -MSI MPG x570 Gaming Edge Wi-Fi, RAM-Corsair Vengence LPC DDR4 , CPU- AMD Threadripper 1920x, and GPU-MSI GeForce 2060 Super Ventus OC, and he assured me that they would work together.

After listening to the tech explain the company's assembly price and caveats I decided to build it myself. This would be the 4th build for me, but 15 plus years since my last build.

I ordered the parts and decided, what the heck a new case would be nice, a Corsair Carbide A540.

Now as I am assembling the machine, I discover a web site: and decided to enter in my parts on their site and low and behold it does not appear that my MB and CPU are compatible.

Can this really be the case?

The Threadripper CPU is the heart, at my budget level, for this new build.

Do I really need a different MB? If so, any suggestions?

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It looks like the threadripper is the deal breaker. The rest of the rezens are compatible with the board. If you are really needing a Threadripper then a different MB is required. If not get a different processor. That is your two options


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According to MSI here:
The specified mobo does not support the specified CPU. The mobo is for 2nd and 3rd gen. Ryzens. The specified CPU is of the 1st gen.

New unused older CPU's seem to hold their prices so I suggest looking up a 3rd gen. Ryzen keeping the mobo. Unless you see a room for improvement with another mobo, which is more difficult to find compared to with CPU's due to their wide specs.