backing up dvd's


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ok i am wanting to make a back up dvd of one of my music dvd's because it is pretty scratched up...i have any dvd and nero but the file size is to big to fit on a standard 4.7 gb dvdr how do i reduce the file size to get it to fit?


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I use DVDFab Gold, it costs money but you can get a 30 day free automatically degradates quality to fit on 1 4.7GB DVD that or you can do a split DVD or... you can go buy some DL assuming your Burner can burn DL

Tommy Boy

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Yeah, I use dvd shrink as well. It even lets you cut out the stuff you don't need like the subtitles for different languages so that you won't have as much to burn on the dvd and it will make it slightly better quality. I use it all the time, it's a great program, and free.


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yup, dvdshrink ftw. if you get a "cyclic redudancy check" download Ripit4me and that will get you on the right track, just make sure you download current versions of fixvts and dvd decryptor, it has links in the program. :)