backing up a complete hard drive of a pc.

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Take this senerio.

>I buy a new PC with WinXP and Office XP. (WinXP and Office XP come already installed on the system, but not on a cd with the system.)

>I install Symantec Norton Ghost 2003 and make a complete back-up of my hard drive.

>For some reason the PC crashes and I do a compete format.

>I then install my default Windows that I like to use (Windows ME) onto the formated system.

>Then install Norton Ghost 2003 onto the the formatted system with Windows ME.

>Is it possible to put the back-up on the Windows ME system, restart and then Windows XP and Office XP will be there or not?

If someone has any ideas relating to my problems please help me.
I don't think it'll quite work that way. You can't run Ghost to rewrite the drive you're on. So you don't need to put another OS on the new drive. What you need to do is boot up with a special Ghost floppy. I assume you backed it up to, another PC? or DVD? I think in Ghost you can map a drive to where your image is & restore it. I have it & have done drive to drive "restores" with floppy boot, so it really depends on where you put your "image".
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