Back to PC gaming pls help me choose a GFX card

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Hey guys, i am coming back to pc gaming

I have a 3 year old system, can only afford a new one in 4 or 5 months, but in the meantime i will just update my gfx card, for minimum specs.

I have a P4 640HT 3.2, with a MSI mobo PCI exp and 4g ram

Got a 650w power supply SLI ready

I want to spend between £100-£150.

I used to read hardware magazines and webs all the time and used to be pretty well informed about all components, especially GFX performance, problem is i havent kept updated for a while so i have no idea what good value for money at the moment.

After few hours of reading and browsing im inclined to go with the ATI Radeon HD 5770 , and maybe go for the crossfire when i have the new system.

Would like to ear some opionions from tech gurus out there, if you think theres better value for money, maybe good alternatives from nvidia etc.

Nope, the 5770 is probably the card to get for situations like yours.
Just make sure your motherboard/BIOS can handle graphics cards with 1Gb of memory as I've heard of some older boards that can't.
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