Awesome New Computer Running Slow...please Help Me


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I recently built a new computer. It has the socket 775 chipset ASUS p5gd2 deluxe mother board 533/800 mhz FSB, Socket 775 3.2 ghz HT pentium 4 prescott chip, 512 MB Dual Channel 675 mhz DDR2 Kingston Hyper X ram (which im aparently supposed to change the latency and clock settings in my bios to 4 4 4 10, which Ive done, to make it run at 675 mhz...per kingston customer support), 250 gig maxtor harddrive and a 256mb NVIDIA 6600 geforce vid card with PCI EXPRESS x 16, my cpu temp idles at 25 degrees C. My question is, "Why the hell is my computer running slow" Its fairly speedy but my friends XP loads up even quicker than mine and he has a 2.26!!! Is this a Memory issue??? also my board is awesome, it has 2 raid hookups, 4 SATA hookups and 1 IDE hook up, I didnt by and sata stuff, only a 16x dual layer dvd burner and the hrad drive and there both connected to the 1 IDE port... I really just wanna know if theres anything I can do to make this thing act like its got a pair....thank you