Aver Media and now Power VCR 2 (Standard)


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I had a problem with AverMedia Tv Studio it is a software/programme that allows you to watch vhs tapes on your pc and to watch and record live television. All that stuff works but i had a problem with the sound using AverMedia, but now i have Power VCR 2 (Standard) i dont have a problem with the sound. Now i have a problem with the file, it always opens up with Windows Media Player 10 series, it will open up with other programmes like Power DVD but it wont allow me to have it open in Power DVD all the time, it is stuck with Windows Media Player 10, thats no problem but windows media player will not play the file a stupid and annoying error messages keeps coming up something about sending an error report to microsoft. When i try to burn the file using Nero 6 it wont work the same error message comes up, does anyone know what i can do to solve this problem?. I hope i dont have to buy another programme to fix this, is there anything i can do?.

please help! it is annoying me.