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How many post's do you need to make before you can use a custom avatar , also if your avatar is more than 80x80 pixels
will the server automaticly resize it or does it have to be exactly
wow, its been awhile, I thought you could do it immediatly, but if not, it would be 100 posts.

and yes, i believe it will resize it.

Slap me if im wrong chop.
LOL, i never had a problem with it, so I guess I never noticed.
You don't need any amount of post to change your avatar :) It just has to be 80x80 or smaller and follow the direction stated aboth.
Ã…nubis said:
1) I don't think it re-sizes it.
2) Firstly, choose the 'path' of your avatar and then click the button maked 'use custom avatar' then confirm the changes.
Ok thanks i was doing the opposite
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