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I lost the autoplay of the CD-rom and DVD player, I have tryed changing them from My computer and the different Cd-roms for the different choises, ej Music CD, DVDs etc with the different programs that will do the autoplay or even the opposit choise of giving me the choise- of prompting me- none of them seem to work. Any ideas of how to solve this ?
Go to MY COMPUTER . Right click the CD ROM , then go to Properties.Go to the "AUTO PLAY" tab.Either choose "Use this program everytime.." or "Prompt me..." .Then just hit ok and your done.Do the same for the other.
I already had done that- I posted the question to Microsoft Windoes XP and they sent me the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article #330135 which solved the problem very effectibly.
Thank you very much any way.
yeh i had the same problem ! stupid autorun now itz ok. fankx areaonezero.

I have a similar problem - my autoplay function is not working (on CD-RW and DVD). In fact, it is not even an option - the autoplay tab is gone!! I have tried deleting/reinstalling the drives in Device Manager, I have tried to update the drivers, and I have tried the things referenced in the M$ Knowledge Base article mentioned above. Everything is set correctly. The other thing is that in Windows Explorer, my drives used to show the specific name (Toshiba DVD, Generic CRD-1700BP), now it just says CD Drive d: and CD Drive e:.

Any Other Ideas?!?
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