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I am looking for a program that will enter information on a web page and submit it repeatedly for a given amount of time. Not like the sweeps services for multiple contest submissions, but something that you could program to repeatedly submit the same info on the same page. I am trying to register for fall classes, and spots in classes sometimes appear for a short minute when someone drops their spot in the class. The only way to grap these class spots is if you happen to be watching. If I could get a program to keep submitting the same class numbers over and over I may actually get to go to school this semester!


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85 If U have to enter the same number over and over again. Type it once...Select it(CLICKING and dragging over entire text) right clicking on the selected text and go to when ever u want to put the same number back in right click on the place u want to put it and hit Paste. I Hope this is what ur talking about.