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the flaming hermit
What does everyone have for an audio setup? I'll start off... I've got four 50w full range "satellites" and a Pyramid PW1277 (12" 350w RMS) Subwoofer.. all driven by an SbLive! Value.

Unfortunately, none of it's digital.. but it still shakes the house sufficiently ;)
Iv got a CMI8738 4.1ch D3D/EAX/A3D certified Surround Sound Audio chip-set integrated into my motherboard that outputs to my RCA ProfessionaL Series Dolby DigitaL DTS Certified 500 watt receiver that is connected into my 4 Speakers, each with 270 watt Capacity, Sony 12's. The system is not only very loud when ran at 1/2 power, but The system sounds really nice when I watch Star Trek TNG on DVD. I don't have a dedicated Sub yet, nor a center channeL but it can put out so much bass, I dont necessarly need one.

Iv also got a Samsung 13' GXTV set with Hyper Amplified DigitaL Gfx and Surround Sound that outputs at 21 watts, and has a built in subwoofer. It has outputsfor seperate speaker sets, and a seperate video monitor. This TV set probably outputs the best Amplificated Sharp picture and sound quality you will ever find on a 13'.
Chuckles.... I have $3 hotwheels speakers I got from wallly world but I normally only have those connected when I want to listen to tunes and my game. Otherwise I have a splitter and patched the comp to my sony... nothing fancy, just a 3-cd changer table stereo, but nice sound!:D Because I have been to lazy to reinstall my piddly soundblaster card I am just running off on-board sound right now:p
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