Audio From Gamecube->PC Speakers


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I bought a Dell Flatscreen which I noticed had S-Video. I want to hook up my gamecube to the screen but I would have no way of getting audio through. Is there some kind of comp card that I could buy to plug in my gamecube and get audio out of the speakers? Thanks!


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Then the game cube box is set up to do that . The Svideo was designed as a complete video/audio connection to transfer both to the recieving equipment.
Now on some computers the video is not intgrated to the sound because of cost and mobo design layout issues. That could be the issue with yours too.
You can get a cable adapter that will allow you to plug the RCA plugs to a mini stereo plug that will fit into the input speaker jack of your sound card. Or you can purchase a high end sound card that has the RCA jacks built in