audacity help


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wen I use audacity I can change the stereo track to Mono and change the bit rate to what ever I want and the sample rate to whatever I want and it works.

and then I export it as wav and it works.

Then I right click on it after it is exported and look at the properties.

And it says Mono 16 Bit this is what I changed this is right.
Then it says sample rate 44.1 kHz

But I changed it to 22.50 kHz

why is it not saving this and am I not doing it right


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I have the new Audacity and need help with converting sample rates??

What I meen is this.

Wehen I open a wav file and select the whole Timeline I go to the Header block at the start of the Timeline and click the dropdown arro.
And I pick my new Bit Rate I would like to turn the wave file into.
And I pick the new sample reta I would like my wave file to turn into.

And then export it.

And then I get the file I just exported and right click on it and it tell me my new Bit Rat but the Sampl Rate is still the old one how do I change things and make them stick???


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The sample rate is simply not like the bitrate...

If you change the sample rate in Audacity from 44 to 22,000 for example, you will find the sound will slow down by 50%. To compensate, you can speed it up without affecting pitch, but it probably wouldn't have the same effect.