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Hello people. I was just wondering whats most popular among people, ATI based video processors or nVidia based video processors.

Personnaly, I am a nVidia all the way, and never have used a ATI card!
Ã…nubis said:
Don't even mention GeForce to me at the moment.

That damn card - Grrrrr :eek:

Serious pun intended? :D

I've worked with ATI and NVIDIA cards in the past, but my GeForce3 has been rock stable since day 1 - as well as my Radeon 8500, but the nod goes to NVIDIA for this one, as only the drivers of ATI will someday extract the full potential (aka performance/features) out of the card(s).
Wish I knew something about PC hardware so I could join in thse disgussions. :)
Yeah, I like that GeForce card, (just smile and nod Justo, smile and nod).
Nvidia rules on, and will continue to do so, until ATI gets there drivers perfected.
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