Ati Mobility Graphics dead. Help!!!!


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My computer was/is an alienware area 51m-something000. I noticed problems with the graphics card but ignored them until my entire laptop just wouldn't start due to the demise of the Ati graphics card. I have been looking for a new one to replace it and haven't been easily able to locate any. I also would like to upgrade it because it wasn't good enough to ever play any hardcore games... but at this point I will most likely fix it then sell it.

Hopefully the image shows; if not here is the link. (Daniel Parizeau's Photos | Facebook)

I would like your guys' help on figuring out if I could; 1. get a better one to put in, 2. not spend a ton of money(over 100 or so). 3. if I could find a replacement at all.

Here is a link to the only other type of card that I could find. Alienware M9700 M9750 nVidia Video Card 512 MB - Video card by (C.W.A.)

Thank you!!!!


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You didn't supply enough information.

"Area 51m-something000" tells us nothing about the system. No one responded because there wasn't enough information about the system. Need to give us a little more so we can look up the system. Most laptops don't have user replaceable videocards, even though this one is an Alienware, it doesn't completely negate that fact.

The photo you posted isn't even yours if I read the comments correctly, so again, no way to know.

A laptop replacement video card, assuming you can replace it at all, isn't going to be $100 or so. If it was, I would highly doubt the integrity of the card in general.

Give us the exact model type (replace "something000" with the real model) and we can go from there.


wrap the g card in foil and reseat it.. gotta heat it first tho, I'd goto someone who knows what they are doing.. it is possible, reseating helps alot, can fix these issues, you know theirs little bits might have snapped and reseating while cooking it may pull them back together.


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I believe the Nvidia card you've shown will work, but it's not going to be an easy job opening up a laptop though.