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Tama 2

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putting together my own system I have encountered a situation.
I have a 2.4 ghz processor, abit sr7-8x ( sis 648) mobo, soundblaster sound card, 350 w case, ATI radeon 9700 and windows xp pro .
Built this system with sole intent of video editing. I have several video editing programs that came with the dvd drive and writer but they all seem to hang up at some point and crash the system. I have sent the error messages and they all come back graphics device error.
I have installed the latest catalyst driver 3/17/03 for the problem but to no avail. any suggestions would be very helpfull.
Thanks in advance, Tama 2
Hmmm.,,, I dont know if i will be of much help here, but i have the radeon 7500 and my pc is for video editing too,,

like you ,, i am experiencing crashes when changing video formats, and editing footage,,

hmm ATI with XP issue???

I am using pinnacle studio 8 with all updates for editing,,

tried Ulead,,no better, Tried the XP ,, no better,,

Maybe we need to go to GeForce cards,,,?? More $$$$
Another one of ATI drivers issues i see... if you want a decent video editing card, you can get an Asus TV Video Card for like $61 at, and it pulls resolution higher than what ATI claims.

Dont know what to tell you other than, i think when you buy things that have it all in one.. it seems like those are the ones that cause the most proplems.
I moved away from the Geforce 256 with 32mb ram onboard to the ATI with 64 mb DDR,, thought that my performance would go up,,

I have moved away from the ATI,, had the latest drivers, patches, etc,, when playing Medal of Honour,, looked like I was playing with CardBoard CutOuts,,

So,, I moved back to Geforce,, picked up the Geforce4 MX 440,, with 64 mb ddr,, wanted the 128,, but my supplier was out of stock,, and me with money in my pockets,, well i get holes,, couldnt wait,,

Then ,, I decided to just build an entire new machine,, Hahaha,, gotta love Credit,, Cha-CHing!

I am happier than a Pig in Poop Now!


PS,, anyone wanna buy an ATI?? :)
Had a similar problem with video editing software locking up and crashing or just crashing. So playing around with it for a day or 2 found out the the video format like the frame rates and what not.
Seems to me it depends on what the software can do and what type of media you are shoving down its throat.
Hmmm.. I have a 9700pro and I do video editing as well.. I have not experienced hang ups.
I just rebuilt my system with several new components and had a few issues with my Radeon 9500 seemingly crashing the system. I finally traced the issue to some sort of incompatibility between the Radeon and Soundblaster. Once I upgraded all the drivers and support files for the Soundblaster (Audigy) all the problems went away. This wouldn't be the first time the video and sound drivers couldn't work together in harmony! :p
Thanks to everybody for your suggestions. Seems as though when I downloaded the updated bios for the motherboard I was not succesfull. I have since done this again and was more thorough and everything seems to run great. Once again thanks to all .
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