ATI Driver Problems

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I recently built a new computer and bought the ATI ALL IN WONDER 9700 PRO

any time i try to open a game that requires 3d graphics the computer locks up. XP says its a problem with the drivers, I have tried reinstalling but cant get it to work ..

any ideas?
When you update ATI drivers, you have to uninstall the old ones first.

And reboot when the instructions say to reboot. Don't skip steps to save time. I know it's a pain in the ass, as I have an ATI card also, but it's the only way it will work.

Let us know if this helps.
Well I think I got it to work , I uninstalled .. but everytime I would try to install the new drivers windows would have already reinstalled the old drivers... that was a pain in the ass. I just left the windows default drivers in there because they seem to work fine.

also WINDOWS XP DOES NOT REMEMBER ANY OF MY PREFERENCES.. for explain "click here if you never want so-and-so to happen again" everytime I reboot the computer it keeps asking me the same questions and stuff even though i tell it not to anymore, any suggestions on how to get it to stop?
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