ati 9500 pro problem

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Need some advice. I just installed aan ati 9500 pro and I fire up a game (e.g. MOHAA on-line, RTCW single player), and all of a sudden the picture freezes, and the whole system locks up. Anyone have an idea where the conflict might be coming from?
Your power supply may not have enough strength... usually in this case, the AGP voltage may be below normal. In this situation, your motherboard manufacturer may provide you with hardware monitoring software, either on the CD the motherboard came with or downloadable from the manufacturer's web site. I would look at no less than 400-450W at the bare minimum if you need to purchase.
Shuttle boxes have a 200 W PSU (no room for anything larger). The board is plugged in to the mobo. If it's a power problem, I'm up a creek. . .
If it runs for a while and then quits it may be a driver problem. Make sure to COMPLETELY uninstall (not only uninstall from control panel, but search the registry for leftover keys) the old drivers.
The AMD cpu itself comes with the recommendation of at least a 300w power supply, but 400-450w is a bit extreme, you should be able to pick up a decent tower with a 350w power supply for about $39-59 US.

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