Athlon XP problem with new comp

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i just built a new computer.
my system has an athlon XP 2200+, a soyo dragon ultra platinum edition motherboard, an nvidia geforce 4 ti 4600, and a gig of 266Mhz ddrram running on XP professional
i just got a replacement processor for my old one, which was broken. when the FSB is set to 200Mhz, the computer runs fine and recognizes the processor as a 1500+. however when it is set to 266Mhz, it is recognized as 2200+, however windows XP bluescreens upon startup and when booting into the installation. interestingly, switching the voltage of the cpu changes how far the system gets before failing.

thanks for any help
Check Soyo's website for a Bios update. Could be that the mobo can't support that proc. I don't think it's anything with XP, try going to accesories->system tools->system information and see what it shows for your proc, if you can get XP up.
i can't reinstall XP because it bluescreens when booting into the intsall screen.

i have soyo's newest bios, and yes my processor is supported.

its not something nearly as obvious as reinstalling xp or having a supported product, im not that stupid.
Please take it easy dude, you asked for help.

Most motherboards by themselves will not support the 'semi-new' 2200+ Thoroughbred, but with the aide of a BIOS flash, all is usually well.
Try a BIOS flash, and if that doesn't work, I would think that maybe u have a fried component or something, seems like u've tried everything else. Was there a warranty on your Mobo and/or Proc?
ummm... yes i have flashed my bios and it is supports the athlon XP 2200+, no i don't have a fried component, it works fine running at 200Mhz FSB

Thanks for help
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