Athlon XP 2000+ @ 60ºC

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Title is self-explanatory.

I'm beginning to think that this is too high for my CPU, and am using adequate cooling... now I have come to the conclusion that my case is too cramped.

Anyone recommend a good chassis? Thanks. :)
60C for an XP2000+ is not much to worry about...I've heard it go as far as 70C-90C idle...Try extra in/out take fans if you have the holes to facilitate them.

You shouldn't be concerned until it gets up to around 80 C

Thanks for the heads up, though I'm thinking about purchasing a full-tower Lian-Li case along with a Thermaltake Volcano 7+ HSF combo.
I'm using a Coolermaster HHC-001 that has a 7000 rpm cpu fan. It keeps the cpu at about 45 C with no other fans installed on my XP 1700.
i have a Athlon XP 1900 @ 59 C° in slow applycation and max 70 C° in game.. O GOOD i'm cook on my cpu ^_^
Well my 1.2 MP aMD's run at 50C if they run at 55 i get a big noise (only happened once)
and if they get to 60 my computer shuts down

im taking no chances saw video of AMD chips burning at 70 so 60 is my limit

i have an xp 2100+ at 49C with a volcano 7+. try pushing down or up on the top of your hsf and read the temps i had mine at 70 when i first put my comp together, moved the hsf a little and i got it down to 49 i have a block of baslsa wedged between my psu and hsf not the best looking thing but it works:)
ne thing under 60C is good 90C is the maximum after that "BOOM" hehehe there goes your cpu. get a vapochill case rrp $AU1500.00 if you can afford it, the temps go down to below zero or slightly above.
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