Athlon II 250 video speed


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Hi all, I'm new here, but was just wondering. I recently purchased an Athlon II 250 CPU to replace an Athlon x2 4800+ that I was using in a new MB (ECS A780GM-A). When I ran some tests using Symantec Performance Test 4.0 (outdated, I know), I came up with 3-D video results that blew the 4800 out of the water. I mean about 3 times the frame rate. What do you suppose caused this. Is it the bigger cache or the split power planes of the 250 as opposed to the 4800? I expected to see some improvement, but that was way out there.

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Athlon II 250
A780GM-A with onboard video
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You mean you upgraded to a Phenom II from an Athlon 64 x2?

The phenom has four cores, the athlon has 2. The Phenom II is also two generations newer.

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nevermind1543 - The Phenom II X2 250 is a dual core CPU .

I believe you see improved performance rates because the X2 250 runs a faster HyperTransport speed, is clocked higher, and has twice the L2 cache as the Brisbane core X2 4800+.


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Atomic and Nevermind,

Thanks for the replies. Actually it's an Athlon II not a Phenom, although they are supposed to be based on the same architecture. I was wondering if the increased Hypertransport and the larger cache had something to do with it. As for the clock speed, even given the fact that's it 500 Mhz faster, the math scores on Performance Test didn't seem to lead to such a dramatic increase in video speed. Next time I'll try to remember to post some results.

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the phenom ii is not 2 generations newers than the athlon ii... they are both new chips that came out this year.

I really dont think the 4800+ should be anywhere near the new amd ii 250's.... u should maybe try running different tests...maybe 3d benchmark or the windows vista performance test itself can give u an idea of what scored higher.