At what time will the 2.40 FW be Released?


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whats up guys and girl:D lmao, funny.... anyways i was wondering what time do you guys think the new update will come out? hopefully at 12 but im thinking 8
I'll probably watch for it later tonight. They say 7/2/08 so hopefully after the clock sticks midnight it will be up.

This is going to be a big update with the chat and trophy system said to rival the 360's achievement system.

I kind of want to play some GTA MP but I'm still on a older firmware. I hate to download the current one when a new one is going to be out tomorrow.


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lmao that sucks, whats your PSN BTW im looking to play ps3 oinline but no one to play with lol, i just got it a week ago


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downloading now

i hope MGS4 will relese a patch contain trophies.....if so, im goin for big boss extreme no kill no alert
I keep refreshing the Playstations website hoping it comes out shortly so I can download it from my computer. If it doesn't come out shortly I'll just download it through the PS3.

You guys down for some late night GTA?