AT&T U-Verse?

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Is it really worth it? Does anybody use it? With ~50,000 members, someone must use it.

I know the specs of it, VDSL, the speeds, cost ratio, TV and phone bundles, yada-yada..

I'm helping a friend decide on it. I have read several reviews by a Google search. It goes ALL over the place. Excellent to OK to Crappy. Who is the pro and noob?

I wish someone in my family uses it, then I would know. But sadly, no.

It does sound better than Time Warner and RoadRunner, to say the least.
Complaints 2009 just a site I found, dunno if you've seen it.
My uncle had it for a short time and he had to have the installers come out about 4 times in the first month, each time they something was wrong with the setup I guess. He wasn't happy.
Well, he's fine with regular AT&T, but he can't move above 1.5Mbps, unless he goes to U-Verse.

I think AT&T and U-Verse are two seperate companies. So if he's happy with AT&T, I don't think he'll get the same service.
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