Asus zenbook ux32a power dc help please


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i have bought a faulty asus ux32a off ebay that i now find has had a repair attempt on it,
someone has tried to replace the dc socket and totally wrecked the board, with lumps of solder and worn away tracks that should not be touched,
I was told it had had a new dc on it and wouldn't work since but I didn't expect to find it so badly damaged.
I am pretty confident in soldering but I can't trace the tracks because of the damage.
I am writing to ask if you possibly could share the wiring diagram for the board so i can try and patch in from the dc socket to the parts on the board that need the power.
this really would be greatly appreciated if you could help me with this,

i thank you in advance.
kindest regards

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Sorry i did a search and couldn't find anything of a wiring diagram your looking for but what i might suggest is that you call or email Asus and ask them to send you a link or an email to a wiring diagram.

Best of luck.