asus p4s800 and 5.1 surround

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I have an ASUS P4S800 and it says it supports 6-channel audio so i bought a Logitech X-530 but only the right and left front speakers and subwoofer work, not the rear and center speakers.
- Line In jack (light blue) is for Bass/Center
- Line Out (green) is for front speaker
- Microphone jack (pink) is for rear speakers
At least that's what it says in the manual.
For the speakers it's:
- Green to front
- Black to rear
- Orange to center/sub

so I connected Black in Pink, Green in Green and Orange in Light Blue.
I've got my settings on 5.1 surround sound but still no succes.
Can anyone help or doesn't the motherboard really support 6-channel audio?

Thanks in advanced
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