Asus Nvidia Pci-e + Gameface Messenger


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Hi everyone. I recently purchased my geforce 7600, everything works like a charm except for a few things and It's really frustrating me that I can't figure this out. GameFace Messenger DOES NOT WORK. I've created 3 accounts thinking somehow that making a new account would work but it does not. It continually says that: "Gameface messenger cannot connect to the network".
It is to my knowledge that I can't fully access all of the neat futures that ASUS offers such as: game replay, osd, game liveshow without first being logged into Game Face messenger.

I've looked into this proxy thing and I've finally come to the conclusion that I have no idea what on earth I am doing and I need help.
Is there a proxy that allows you to connect to the gameface messenger network?
:confused: pleaseee tell


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ive never used it but u should just try to reconnect if there is a button for that...if not see if there is an options menu and see about that kinda stuff...sry not too much help but ive never used it b4........hope this helped :D