ASUS A8N32 Temperature Sensors...?


Daemon Poster
I was wondering if anyone knew if the temperature sensors for the ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe were off a bit. I'm wondering this because I have abnormally high temps, 38*, at idle. I am overclocked, but even after downclocking my processor to 1800MHz (by accident, lawl) it was at 36* after about an hour. I have gotten it down to 36* with the sides of my case off (OCed); that way, the air conditioning is blowing almost right into my case. These temperatures were measured off of AI Booster and PC Probe II, if that makes any difference. I use an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro as my HSF, and I've heard it cools pretty well. My cooling conditions aren't horrid: usually 22 or 23 ambient. The only thing I can really get is this: I have 2 fans blowing out the back: PSU fan and an added 120mm fan (right behind the HSF). I have one fan blowing in: an 80mm. What I'm considering is this. I'm terrible at ASCII, but here we go.

My Intake Fan Setup

I hope that's fairly readable as to how my fans are. See, it's a little to the side. I tried putting a fan in the front of my case at the bottom, but I think all that did was pull some of the HDD heat into my HSF. I've considered getting a 120mm fan for the front where 3 optical drives are supposed to go, but that would be some work cut out for me since it would have a big gap; I'll have to find a way to get it to stay without permanently mounting it there. Anyone know of any optical drive fans?

Also, 1 more thing. I have a temp. display in an optical drive slot with a thermometer and I stuck it right behind the HSF. Temps read 28 at idle, 29 at load.

Thanks to anyone who can offer me help. I don't really need the temperatures lower; I feel fine @ 47* load, I just wanted to know.