ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe quirks

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I have been having some intermittant issues with the USB ports on my MoBo. My G15 KB occasionally losses power and the USB mini-receiver for the MX1000 is not recongized at startup.

I have reloaded the MoBo drivers, but this does not seem to solve the issue. For the most part all is well, Its just frustrating.

BTW this all started when I was hooking up a Linksys Ethernet router. Dumb-*** me had power to the router when I plugged it in to the Rig. There was a very quiet "pop". After this I lost one of my LAN connections (reloading the MoBo drivers brought it back) and the G15 started to act wierd (power to board - backlighting works, but keys do not). I replaced the KB after attempting to reload the software and drivers (on the disk and then the updated drivers from Logitech website).

Could I have caused some damage?

Any input? Thanks for your time.
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