Asus A7V133

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hey i have an Asus motherboard and the BIOS seems to be working ok. but when it gets to the startup like after the IDE detection and everything it should boot but it hangs up there. ive tried booting from floppy; HD; and CDROM and it just doesnt get to the boot process or something. floppy check is enabled and it does scan the floppy on startup but it WILL NOT BOOT! and i cant flash the BIOS because i cant get that far. any and all info appreciated.
You get to the bios way before HDD detection
right after vid card bios info hit delete a few times and you are there.

yeah i was saying the BIOS seemed fine. i reset it to default; checked all my jumpers and DIN switches; cleared the CMOS and am trying to flash the BIOS but i cannot get it to boot to an external device; it hangs up right AFTER the HDD detection; just before it should load the kernel (It does detect my CDRW and HDD and floppy when i hook them up but i have removed them for troubleshooting). again any and all help is appreciated.
Isn't the ATA/100 controller a daughter card soldered onto the mobo? Sounds like that is the culprit...I know the A7V133 we still have running at work, when it gets to the point you speak of, the daughter card's BIOS kicks in and detects the drives.

Not exactly sure what the solution would be, but that seems like a place to start.
*sigh* yeah thats what i fiured; that the MB was bad. my friend just sold it to me and swears up and down it works; hes even blaming my brand new athlon 1.4 processor for gods sake. any info on mobo troubleshooting would be good; but im afraid i already know the results...
Since you can get into bios, go over into the boot menu. Make sure you don't have as the "Other Boot Device" as INT18 Device.. but switch it to the SCSI/Onboard ATA. Make sure its also near the bottom of the boot list and the floppy is at the top.

Next is SCSI/ATA boot sequence, set it up to ATA first. Since you're trying to install a bios, I'd disable the "Load Onboard ATA Bios" (This is the auto detection for the promise controller)

And as an extra precaution, Say yes to reset the configuration data, this will tell the mobo bios to rescan the pnp devices.

If that fails, I'd check the jumpers on the mobo to see if Promise Raid is enabled. Set it back to normal (JP 13, 14 set to 1-2 for both)
hmm im at work riht now so i cant check but i dont remember seeing a other boot device; there is a sequence option for SCSI/ATA or ATA/SCSI; yea ATA is 1st
i will switch the ATA boot to the bottom; its currently #2 and floppy ia 1 rest are disabled.
my friend disabled the onboard ata bios also; but it was enabled.
reset config data was disabled; i will try that as well and check the raid jumpers.
also i was looking at teh mobo; is that daughterboard an ATA controller or the I/O controller? theres a chip next to the IDE bus' labled ATA100. i was just asking cos my friend that sold it to me said that its probably not an ATA controller; but he doesnt know everything obviously.
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