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Hello guys,

Yesterday I purchased a Generic 256mb ddr ram chip to add to my existing 4 month old Generic 256mb ddr ram chip.

After I installed it, I had alot of blue screens informing me of memory dumps etc, and occasionally a fake "bios currupted" notice at bootup.

This being unacceptable, I took it back to my supplier, and ran some ram tests to show him. Yes it could have been that the new ram chip was faulty, but it wasnt. Ok.. so maybe my old ram chip had become faulty?. Nope, it was fine. But when I ran them together I had 534 faults including both ram chips.

My conclusion after 4 hours of ram tests in and out of my computer (running both ram chips together on a different mobo) is that my motherboard simply cannot handle two slightly different Generic ram chips. My old one is double sided, unlike the new one. and I noticed that the new ram chip ran at 554mb/s whilst the old one ran at 545mb/s.

I am also aware that my motherboard, part of the nforce generation, has a interlacing effect built into it making the two ram chips run faster when together, . it was so . When both ram chips were in using slots 1 and 2, they ran at 834mb/s, but when i put them in slots 2 and 3 it went to a crazy 515mb/s.

Ive since gotten my money back for the 256mb ddr ram I purchased, and I will save up for a complete 512mb ddr ram chip, then sell off my old ram chip.

Has anyone heard or seen of any such problems with this motherboard before? Is it just bad luck on my behalf? And was there anything I could of done to get them to work together properly??
Nope, I go to school with a guy that had the same exact problem, he even found an article somewhere that explained about it. When I see him again I will get the address and post for you.
For one thing.. why did you cheap out and get generic RAM?
they say on the website what is recommended...
go out and get a Samsung or Micron 512mb PC3200 stick for under $100.
Get brand name stuff when you buy RAM, it will fuck you up everytime.

What kind of RAM was it? Was it PC2100 or PC3200 or what?
And did you set the jumper and the bios for those types of RAM?

You can only run dual DDR when your using two of the same ram sticks... Guess you need to take back that ghetto ram and get some real stuff...
i got generic because im a cheap bastard :p

its 2100, my board doesnt support past 2700 (off the top of my head)

i suppose its just one of those lessons you learn in life? :D

im happy today, i just got an 80gb cavier 8mb cache hdd :D

thanks for your reply though
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