Asus 701 $G hdd space problem.

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As the title says I have a asus 701-4G netbook, yesterday I managed to get a working copy of xp pro sp2 CD to work on it via through usb.
I only have a mininum of 4GB of hdd space, I bought a dynex external hdd kit and used a 40gb to install porgrams and keep most files on the external hdd.

Currently windows xp pro wants to skip normal updates and go right to windows xp sp3.
Windows xp sp3 won't fit on a 4GB hdd seing as it will download unpack itself and try to install.
Can I move the windows xp sp3 installation folder to the external drive like I've been doing for the past few days now.

I only have abour 400MB of space left on the asus and it can't take anymore files....
You can download SP3 from Microsoft's website and put it on your USB stick, and install it from there (IIRC). However if you're asking whether SP3 will fit into only 400MB space (once installed), then I'm not sure.
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