Assistance choosing the best monitor to hookup to XPS 15


Beta member
Hello! I've just registered to ask this question because I've been struggling to make a decision. Basically, I have an XPS 15 9560 and I want to buy an external monitor to get a bigger screen and therefore better work station. I've already done my research and according to my budget I've rendered it down to the following options. I live in Chile therefore my options are limited so these four are the only ones I'm willing to buy. I'll put the price conversion next to each monitor: Acer SA240Y - 130 USD LG 24MK430H - 137 USD HP 24fw - 176 USD Dell SE2419HR - 187 USD

I was looking for certain aspects which they all have, for example: IPS Panel, 75hz refresh rate, 4-5ms resposne time and FreeSync. Apart from that, I don't really know how to set apart these models in order to make the best decision. I woud really appreciate another set of eyes to help me decide. Thank you!