Assassins creed for pc

Yo I'm thinking of going out and buying assasins creed today,

How is this game?
is it buggy or glitchy or anything like that?
Any problems with this game?

how would you rate htis game out of 10?

canirunit says this

Should I get it?



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sadly i have heard little but if your pc can run it i would try the demos first mate.


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I didn't really like this game. The idea was quite nice but the plot and the way the game was actually done sucks. I didn't even play the game for long since the performance sucked on my old pc, the menus were the worst ever (which is what you get when you turn a console game into a pc game) and the plot... well I almost threw up.

And when I did play, I found the fighting to be way too easy and the game to be too linear. Didn't really like it, it was pretty different than what I expected.

edit: I'd rate it 3 or 4 out of 10.


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From what I've heard, it gets very repetetive and the voice acting is awful. Linear games are great if the plot and gameplay are good, if not then it's a disaster.
The game is pretty fun as long as you don't try and play to much at one time. Then the game gets a little annoying as all the missions are similar throughout the game just in different locations. Granted there is a new story line for each mission the basic priniciples are the same.

I would recommend it as the game is really quite stunning. I have the PS3 version I don't know how well they did the port to the PC check around. It was worth it on the PS3 though.