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Greetings comrades,

I am looking to begin a career in IT, Computer science, programming, cyber security, or something of that nature. I am looking to interact with people in the field and get a better idea of what I shoulde be pursuing as far as certifications and educations. Educationally I come from a business administration and accounting background so this is a bit of a shift of gears for me. However, I grew up working on computers, troubleshooting my own hardware and software, helping family and friends with their tech issues involving networking and other problems so I am not a stranger to computer hardware or software.

Basically I want to know what to expect as far as entry level employment and the required training. As of now I am looking into getting started with an A+ certification and possibly starting a Bachelors of Science program in computer science at a local community college. I need to get to work as soon as possible however, so I'm wondering what the shortest path to that first job is. I figure get the A+ and start job searching, in the meantime continuing training for additional certifications and starting school for the associates program that will transfer into a bachelors.

Is that a reasonable plan? What should I expect once I complete my A+? Will a job come quickly after that or are they generally looking for more? Should I be considering a different certification than A+ such as entry level Cisco networking? Is it even necessary to go to school for the degree or are the certifications all that matter? I am just looking for a little guidance or mentoring.

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm looking forward to interacting with the community here at Techist. Thanks.

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