Aspire Revo 3610


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Hi i am new in this forum and i wiriting because i bought a aspire revo 3610 everything was great until i switch the power button then is start to lading but it stops saying that
' Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot Media in selected Boot device and press key'

i switch the pc off and then on then i press f12 to go to bios and there was only one line with
HDD:pO-Htachi HTS543215L9A300 AND IT SAYS UNDER SELECT REBOT DEVICE AND PRESS ENTER AND WHEN I PRESS ENTER ON THAT HDD:pO IT START SAYING THE SAME ERROR 'rEBOOT AND SELECT' can someone help me because i am not a expert with computers, also this pc desktop was bought from auction so there is no return.
pleas help me . if you need more informations just say and i will try to answer.

pliss help me quickly because i want to have fully working pc over weekend ;D