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Monster Techie
I've just added a fun little feature to Tech Forums We have a new member called TomBot. TomBot is not human he is a script. Fell free to ask him anything and chat with him in the "Ask TomBot" forum. TomBot will also learn things has it gets used more.

Please don't take TomBot seriously hes just for fun.
lol, I read a post Jeeper made to him before I got around to reading this.

Took me a minuite to figure it out.
TmBot has become an very active forum. From now when posting in that forum yours post tally wont increase. Ive done this so we can still keep Tech Forums of some quality and so members wont abuse poor Tom :)
Its too bad we cant keep TomBot's post count going, it'd be interesting to see how much he has said to us later on down the line.

BTW, why did you choose the name tombot?
It isnt hard to guess how many post he has said its always going to be about half the amount of the post that are in the Ask TomBot Forum.

why did I choose the name tombot? No reason that was just the name of the script.
yea he's been telling everyone that, I wonder who taught him???
Just tell tombot your name is not "Eat Shit And Die" and then tell him your real name and he will then call you by your new name.

Hows everyone liking TomBot? Keep him? or Scrap him?
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