Are you supposed to see HD's that are connected to a raid controller?

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I have an MSI KT7 Turbo MB with the Promise FastTrack - 100 lite raid controller built onto the board running on WIN XP Pro.

I have just installed two new 80gb Seagates & gone thru all the setup stuff, @ setup I chose the basic "desktop" config.

I can see both drives if i go into the device mgr or in the Promise software, but they (or it) does not appear in the "my computer" window.

What do I need to do if I want -

A/ see the drive/s
B/ set them/it up as my FTP as I dont want it on my C: drive

+ I dont want to mirror them, I want to have the 160Gb of space which will be used as my FTP directory.

It depends on how you set up your RAID controller (to use RAID or not). If you do not use the RAID capability, but just use it for extra IDE ports, then Bandersnatch is right - they will show up in Device Manager, but will not show up under My Computer until you have formatted the partitions you've created.

If you use the RAID capability, though, you will not see all the drives under My Computer in any circumstance. A stripe makes all drives involved in the stripe appear as a single drive to the OS. In a mirror, you will only see one drive, as the other one just holds the exact same data, and the RAID controller hides it from the OS. If you are spanning drives, then all the drives will appear as a single drive to the OS.

Make sense? Check your RAID card BIOS to set your RAID configuration. Whatever you have there will determine what Windows "sees" or doesn't see.

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the only time ive seen this problem is when people are running win. 2000 if you go into the driver software or what ever your using go into the config. and one should say "show raid drives as reg. drives" i am aware that not all raid software has this option
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