Are these computers good?

I want to buy this today I think! I'm not sure but if i do i want to know if it is good for gaming! the ram I will eventually upgrade but the graphics card is 128 mb which is okay i guess.... i want to know if this is better than the lappy in my signature..

The laptop I want is this one

Here are the specifications for the computer I have right now

Laptop-1.3GHZ//1GB Ram//40GB Internal HDD//250GB External HDD//32MB GPU//

I was sort of looking at this desktop I don't like the integrated graphics part but I'm guessing i could always upgrade the desktops Gpu later


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Well, as far as the laptop goes, a screen that small is almost never good for gaming, and if the laptop's graphics card is on-board, then i'm pretty sure you can't upgrade it(maybe with large amounts of cash). Also, with the M processor, you're going to probably be dissapointed at the performance of the pc. Another thing I don't get, is why manufacturer's are shipping with 512 ram when vista's recommended ram is 1GB, yes, you can run vista at 512, but you will notice a major performance issue(Vista can handle up to 8GB in the 32 bit, i think). Vista basic won't get you a lot of the new feature's and one of the biggest advantages of vista is DX10, which it doesn't seem that on-board graphics card supports(don't know what kinds of games you play).
The desktop can be upgraded later, but it would probably be cheaper to just buy a computer thats slightly more expensive now, then buy the parts individually later(again, depends on what you do with the computer). But as a rule of thumb, I don't buy from big box stores, and I don't buy e-machines. Just my opinion. And I rarely go with integrated graphics, unless I don't want to do anything even remotely resembling gaming.
Idk I am thinking of buying the laptop ,The ram i will look around the store to upgrade up to 1GB

these are the games

Counter Strike
Counter Strike Condition Zero
Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted scenes
Counter Strike source
Call of duty 2
Day of defeat
Doom 3
Doom 3 Resurrection of evil
Half Life 2
Half Life 2 Episode 1
Half Life 2 Gary's Mod
Half Life 2 Death match
Half Life 2 Lost Coast
Half Life death match source
Half Life source
Half Life
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Grand theft auto vice city(I beat this game)
Grand theft auto 3(I beat this game)
Quake Arena
Need for speed Most Wanted(I beat this game)
soldier of Fortune Demo
star craft
Star craft Brood War
Unreal Tournament 2004

I can run all those games on this computer and this computer is also a Pentium Celeron M,But this new laptop has more gpu ram which is what i want a good gpu


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Well, I know for sure that you won't be playing doom 3 or CS, anytime soon, and if you do, it will look like PlayStation 1 Graphics. Especially if you play online. Same goes for a lot of those games.

I don't know what your budget is, but without getting too crazy with the price here are some suggestions for notebook.


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How come you dont just upgrade your current computer for gaming rather than a laptop? UT2004 apsalutly killed my computer (laptop) when it was on full settings and ver orquard to play with, with the mouse pad and stupid keys. :p


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Thats a pretty good bang for your buck. For that price, thats a pretty good deal. And if you upgraded the ram a bit, maybe a slightly better graphics card, and that computer should run those things with no problem(not at full graphics, but enough to be enjoyable). Overall, thats a decent sized hard drive, if the graphics card were on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the 8800GTX(which is a $600 card), that card is about a 6, doom 3 requiring a 4-5(optimal 8). The ram you could upgrade to 1GB for about $50. The Grahpics card has 256 MB ram, and that isn't something you can upgrade except for buying a different graphics card, which you can easily do.

Here is relatively the same computer priced out somewhere else.

So, you are getting a better deal for about the same product.
Thank You so much for your help MUCH APPRECIATED!

OK THANK YOU IM going to buy this desktop computer! I'm going to upgrade the ram to 1gb and im going to buy a wireless usb adapter thing!! I cant wait! :D
i all ready have a keyboard, mouse and a monitor at home and i don't need speakers b/c im going to use my headset

Current computer
1.3GHZ//1GB Ram//40GB Internal HDD//32MB GPU//DVD/CD-RW

Going to buy
2.1ghz//512 mb ram/250GB HDD/256MB Gpu//DVD±RW/CD-RW