Are there any silent PSU's out there?

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For bloody ages my PC done my head in with bloody noisey components inside. I thought it was the heat sink so I bought a bloody silent heat sink and no the noise was still there, then I noticed it was actually the fan in the PSU. I would like to add at this point that the new heatsink that I put in is practically in audable, but that is where my question is going. Are there any PSU's out there that make virtually no noise, and if so can you point them out to me. I should also point out that I need a micro ATX psu, as I don't believe that PSU's are universal are they?

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Take a look at the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad series. It's almost dead silent and provides some of the best power around.
Most PSU's that have a 120mm-140mm fan will be very quiet.

Also, if it's more efficient, that means less energy being lost as heat. which means it's easier to cool.
Pretty much any high-quality PSU will make very little sound.
look into the Seasonic X-650 and X-750
totally silent below 300 watt usage for 650 not sure about the 750

nvm......... the above isn't micro atx compatible
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