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Im not sure if this is the correct forum but Apache Is open source :D

Well I set up apache on my windows XP server following this guide http://www.boutell.com/newfaq/creating/hostmyown.html

Im using No-IP. No-IP is this for me

"Port 80 redirects are used to get around ISPs that block inbound port 80. By using the port 80 redirect type and running your webserver on an alternate port you can run a webserver and your users will not have to type a port number in the url."

Its also giving me a subdomain attached to my public IP or WAN IP.

My subdomain is www.gscope.zapto.org but it isnt working even though I set everything up. Im not sure where I should go back and go through a check list and make sure things are correct. Im kind of lost as of now.
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