Apache Problems (1.3)

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Hey, I belive I could be some use here for technical help. I have my A+ Cert, my Secur+ Cert, and Soon to go and take the Microsoft Cert.
Although, I am not an expert in every field. I may know about internet and sever security, but I am a 100% "nooblar" at configuring servers.
I have decided to run my own server, and on it I have DL'ed and installed Apache 1.3 (Because it was said to be more stable with PHP support) - I DL'ed the PHP "whatever-its-called" but **ARGH** I think I am a COMPLETE IDOT!!! No matter what I do, I follow the directions exactly, but I cannot install php support for my server.
Once again I am running an Apache 1.3
Any Help/Suggestions?
It's very annoying... I do everything the ReadMe file says to do. But it still won't recognize what to do with the ext .php.
Come on people, someone on this whole board has to know what I am talking about...I thought this was Tech Forums.
I'm in the same boat as you... I've installed Apache, but i'm certainly no expert on it... I did get php to work, but I don't remember doing anything special.. it just kind of.. worked...
The readme included with the entire PHP .zip package (I don't prefer downloading the .exe installer, as it only contains the CGI executable), will show you what lines / variables you will need to enter into the Apache configuration file, to either set up PHP as a CGI executable (more common setup), or Apache server module (safer, higher script function guarantee), and check your Apache configuration file to make sure the server will recognize the 'default' PHP files (e.g. index.php, index.php3, etc.).

hope this was help to a degree :)
Windows XP - Corporate Edition. (Really just Professional with small changes). **Off topic: DeMonTeC thinks "God, I love this clear type"** So, any suggestions?
Well, hell. If I am just too damn ignorant to realize what I didn't do (Yes I followed ALL instructions listed) I will just try out MS's .NET 2003 Server (RC2 stage)
I have a solution for you :)
goto google and search for 'PhpTriad'

This program is apache, mysql, and php all bundled together...All you have to do is click setup once downloaded and it installs them all 3 for you and saves tons of hassle ;)
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