AOL not finding the internet?!

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Over the past few days I hav been trying to fix a very annoying problem that I have been having with AOL, but I haven't had any luck. The problem is this:

When I log on, AOL dials like it should then gets to about step five (talking ot the network I believe) then stops and starts over wiht my other access number. After doing this about three or four times it says that it is logged on but no pages will display. The E-mail and the loggon page will work but anywhere else that I go just gives me that god awful "Webpage Not Available" message.

I have tried averything that I can think of. I even ordered a new disk from AOL and reistalled the whole thing. Nothing seems to work.

I'm only running a 56k connection if it helps anyone come up with an answer.

Any body got any ideas about what might be wrong?
I had this exact same problem wen i had AOL, those were the good old days.

There are several different reasons this could be happening and it took me quite a while to get it workin again.

First have you emptied your history files?

Secondly have you deleted temporary internet files?

Third, have you deleted the cookies?

Fourth, network adapter--->>>
go into control panel
go into network & dial up
go into your aol dial up settings/properties
i can't exactly remember wot u delete but i think it says aol adapter- DELETE THIS (with a reboot it will reinstall)

Fifth, have you got internet connection sharing installed? if so uninstall this if all else fails

If it still doesn't work try aol's tech chat, u may have to wait in a cue for a while but it is worth it in the end THEY DO HELP!!!
Heres the solution, drop AOL, and get a real ISP.
Ecniv: Ha Ha, thanks for the critisiscm. I would drop AOL in a heart beat if I could find another halfway decent local ISP. Unfourtunatley there aren't many around here. Until they improve, AOL is the way I am going.

Everyone who might respond in the future: I forgot to give my system specs. I dont think it really matters but just in case:

Processor: 1Ghz Via Pro
OS: Windows XP Home
Ramm: 768 MB
HDD: 38 GB
Video: GeForce 2 MX 400 PCI w/ 64 MB's of Vram
Audio: SBLive! X-Gamer
Modem: HSP560 MR(I think, Its really confusing)
Alright I'm back. I just got a response from AOL tech support and they pretty much told me to do everything that has already been suggested here. Nothing worked. Now that everything simple has been eliminated I think itis time for a somewhat more complicated solution.

MicroBell: No I have no firewalls, unless you count the software one windows is supposed to have. But that has never given me any problems before so unless something has happened to my OS(God I hope not) it is something else.
Yes I know know AOL sucks, but like i said before there aren't any better alternatives where I live, so if you dont have something to say that might help fix the problem then please don't say anything. I put this thread here to get help, not so people could bash my ISP.
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