anyone watch anime?


I use to watch Dragon Ball Z way back when....And some others too, I think my fav. was probably Yu-Gi-Oh, there stories were okay, but I'm not too into anime. :)


Golden Master
trigun was the last one I got into.

DBZ was too agonizing to watch cause it lasted to long. also battles would go on for days on end and would make people stop watching cuase of that.

sailor moon.... :: stab ::: cept teh cats. tehy were the only reason I watched it..

tenchi-too awkward but ryoko kicked arse! she was cool! and ryoki the cabbit is very cute!

kenshin-too emotional but still good

fruitsbasket-you gotta see it. very emotional but teaches ya soemthing and made me think differently of things

kids animes are too off and too commercialized.

akira was a good anime movie

now beautiful dremer was awesome.. the one with teh "horny chick" LUM... she was cool.

lilly cat was just off.

also a really messed up anime is utena..... dont make sense but funny!!!

serial experiments lain... didnt watch it but hear its very heavy.

I really dotn have a fav. all are so different