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Hey everyone. New to the forum so I apologize if this topic has already been discussed, but I am looking for a digital notebook to take notes that can be easily turned into text. I’m looking for this because of the number of meetings my new role has recently required Me to participate in, and I continuously find myself writing pages of notes, only for them to be essentially forgotten and left on paper.

One of the first digital notebooks I saw came up on a social media add and it was the reMarkable 2. It looks amazing, but it was what I initially thought was “expensive” at around $399. Reading up on its advertised features the thing that I liked the most about it was the written notes to editable text conversion feature and the ability to markup pdf’s. I know there are a lot other, cheaper notebooks that convert digital notes to pdf’s, but if I’m going to do that I may as well just save the money and use the scan app on my phone.

The only other digital notebook I’ve seen with conversion to editable text was Sony’s and that was like $599.

Does anyone have experience with the reMarkable 2? The reviews are very mixed in that the tablet itself is the best writing tablet/notebook out there but the customer service sucks and apparently the delivery time is stupid.
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