anyone need a 1000w psu on the cheap...?


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got it a few days ago (Friday) right in the middle of the Nor'Easter :eek: , Thursday night and Friday morning my internet was down, school was out for the kids Thursday and Friday, the job shut down Thursday and Friday (Fugh yeah...!!!) and yet UPS delivered it on time, wow, +1 for UPS, I installed it last night and it's humming along quite nicely and should for a while, even with mixed crossfire I probably won't be stressing it too much...

some observations, the cables are stiff, it looks brand new (like a lot of refurb stuff I've bought, and there's no power switch on it, it's smallish for a psu of that wattage but heavy as hell, much heavier than my Antec TPT 650w, but that's always a good thing with psus as it's usually a good indicator of quality parts used for the internals...

great deal, 1kw for $70 shipped, this should be my last psu ever, 1kw should be more than enough for me, here are the specs and if you are wondering it's still available so IHateDells, borrow some $ from someone and get one while they are still in stock, I'll let you know if it's still available on the 20th, if they still have some I may pick up a few more...

- 1000 Watts of power
- Active PFC
- Dual PCI-E graphic card connectors
- Smaller form factor to fit older cases
- Single 80mm fan for ultimate efficiency


1 x 20+4-pin ATX
1 x 4-pin CPU
1 x 8-pin CPU (accords with the requirements of CPU in ATX or EPS12V systems)
4 x 6-pin PCI-E
6 x SATA (3 each on two cables)
6 x Peripheral (3 each on two cables)
2 x Floppy



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It's going for 60 now. 59.99
it was when I bought it, but shipping was $10, still a great deal...

btw, you're in Michigan right...? I have family in Michigan, I was in Grand Rapids and Whitehall this past summer, drove by the house where I grew up in EGR, took the kids to play on the playground I used to play on and to the Zoo, pretty nostalgic, hopefully things will get better there, the unemployment is insane though luckily everyone in my family is still employed, except for my parents, but they're retired...