Anyone here know how to do Flash intros?

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hey, I do flash

If u want to do a decent flash intro for something, go get Macromedia Flash MX, really well done program.

Anyway, really easy to use program. Try for ure self.
I can do alittle bit- I guess it just depends on what it is you want. If your looking for just a flash-text intro, I suggest using CoffeCup Firestarter. Really really easy to use. Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

PS. I work really long hours so if I don't get back to you immeadiatly you'll know why.
I have a great idea for an intro, but it would take some one with 1000 times better skills than what I have.

Since it is about acient through modern egypt (which is pretty cool by the way) you could have a sunrise over the old old pyramids with the text "Once upon a time" or something cool, making the sun morph into the moon as it sets, and have the pyramid morph into the different landscapes that have changed egypt over the years and at the very end have the sun re-rise and have a picture of modern egypt with the text "the dawn of a new age".

I know, "Hella corney", but I like it... :p
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