Anyone heard of smart bar xp??


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has ever used the ‘Smart bar XP’. I downloaded it a few days ago and have loved it ever since. It is this really cool software that is just like a taskbar only better. It has got icons like ‘my computer’, ‘recycle bin’, and so much other stuff, plus you can also add more icons on the bar.

I can also access various websites that carry information on sports, weather etc. simply by adding a panel for it on the ‘smart bar’.
Once a panel is added it displays a link to various new articles and news pieces.

Just like many other desktop enhancement software, this too does eat up a little bit of memory, but for a free of cost, ad and spy ware software, I think it’s worth giving a try.

Have any of you ppl out there used it? if yes, then have you had any problems that i should be aware of??


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I got it from, here is the link ""

the link for the web site is

BTW just love the clock, thw whole s/w has got a 'longhorn' kinda look :)
Ah ha! Its a Sidebar; yeah. Never tried that particular version but theres a much nicer looking (doesnm't have the User Options though) one by DameK on which does the same but actually has the Longhorn Clock in it.

But yeah - they're all great.