Anyone ever encountered their HDD...

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giving a bogus reading?

I'm running XP Corporate Pro and have noticed that my 30GB harddrive seems to be giving what I can only assume is a "reverse reading".

It's telling me that I've only 2GB free space left but I have stripped the machine of all non-essential programmes and, according to totals available from Add/Remove, I estimate that I'm only actually using about 2GB!!

If tried defrag and scandisk (both 3 times) but to no avail.

Is there a virus doing the rounds?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.

Hi Shyt

just a thought,, you wouldnt happen to have a digital camcorder or camera that you hook up to this pc per chance??

I had to troubleshoot a similar issue, and it turned out that the drive was full due to captured video pre-reformatted,,,

consider that about 25mins of captured video is the equivalent of 5-6 gb of disk!!! wouldnt take long to fill a 30gb drive ...


Thanks so far guys.

Amd Athlon 1gig CPU
512mb RAM
30GB Seagate 7200 harddrive
Motherboard is a KV7 (with newest drivers & Bios)
Creative CD/RW 10-12-32
Toshiba DVD Drive

Win XP Corporate Pro
MS XP Office Pro
Dreamweaver MX
Fireworks MX
Intervideo WinDVD
Cool Edit Pro
Adobe Photoshop 6
Adobe 5
Nero 5.5.9
Winfax Pro 10e
Norton AV 2003 Pro

And several smaller progs (none over the 11mb mark). Also Kazaa Lite which, with only 19mp3's, is giving me a size reading of 1,921.00MB.

No digi cams or USB. Running 1mb ethernet 10/100 broadband.

Just noticed something "funny". If I list programmes by date last used they are listed as having been last used back in Feb (this can't be right as I was using at least six of the above today) but XP Uninstall (480mb) says it was last used today (it has , obviously, never been used).

Any use?
Check Partition Size

Just a thought...are you sure your drive is partitioned to the full size of the physical drive? If not, go to the command prompt and run fdisk. Good luck.
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