Anyone checked out Unreal 2?

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Ive really been anticipating this game, and I saw it at the store today and almost bought it. But I havent read any reviews of it, and I wasnt really ready to ditch out $50 for it. Anyone here tried it out? Or has anyone read a decent review of it? If you have or have read one, give me a shout with what you thought, or where to find a review. Thanks.

You have to have a really good computer to play this game, first off. You want to have a good bit of overhead over their recommended specs in order to really enjoy the game.

The game itself is wonderful. Weapons are well balanced, gameplay is smooth and intuitive. The AI has the "kill or be killed" mentality of UT, so it lacks the polish of...say...Splinter Cell.

My only problem is that it really isn't that long. I beat it after two days of consistent play. And the replay value is absolutely nil. There is currently no deathmatch support.

For a lot of people, the amazing gfx are going to make up for this...but I'm not one of these. I miss the days of Doom2 where it takes MONTHS to beat the game. Or maybe that's because I was so young...

Overall...yeah, it's cool. It's worth playing. But I didn't think it was properly priced for the duration of gameplay.
The game looks so nice and it is fun to play, and like he said you better have a good pc
its a awsume game, but very fast, and just like the name it is "unreal" and it is amazing on my p3, 850 mhz, 512 ram, geforce2 32 meg, DSL. and i believe this is way below the specs and it is still awsume. cant wait to get a better pc..:cool:
I played it on my P4 1.7, nVidia Riva TNT 32mb, 256 mb ram and it sucked. Its lagged like hell! So I went back to UT Original.

Which is still really awesome! :p
I play the game on my brand new Alienware Conspiracy Blue. It has a P4 running at 3.06 ghz with 533 mhz 1.5 gb rdram ATI All-In-One 9700 pro 128 mb 8x AGP. The system is amazing but extremely $$$. But Unreal 2 is an amazing game almost seamless, addicting. When i bought it i played it for i think 6 hours straight. Definatley encourage people to buy this game. Only if the computer is up to it.
You know, I really liked it when I saw my friend play it but when I played it there was this thing or something that mademe unimpressed.
Seduced by brand loyalty having enjoyed the first one, I bought it anyway. I agree with the comments above, in essence it is a superb but very expensive demo. My other critisism is that its more about firepower than agility - the game character moves as if he it walking in treacle compared to some of the enemy - definitely one to wait until it goes on budget release. As with the first game UT2003 is a much better buy....
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