Anybody tried Cocaine?


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Aww, well NOW I can't give you my opinion... :(

Haha, kidding.
No, never had that.


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lol, why was it banned? just because of the name?
I dunno why exactly. This was taken off the description page. I think because its so strong. Plus as it says the FDA didn't like the name lol.


* One can has the same kick as 3 and a half cans of Red Bull® Energy Drink!
* Renamed to "Insert Name Here" as the FDA took a disliking to the original name of "Cocaine".
* Currently, cans are repackaged with a plastic label that hides the original Cocaine label underneath - small cut at the seal will with a knife or scissors will let you see the old label. Eventually the new label will be printed on the can.

No Energy Drink "Crash"
With Cocaine you don't crash like from normal energy drinks as the drink features high quantities of the natural sugar, Dextrose. A monosaccharide (simple sugar), Dextrose (also known as Glucose) is a natural carbohydrate that is very easy for the body to use and is used heavily by the body during aerobic and anaerobic respiration. Since your body doesn't have to "work" to use the sugar, it eliminates the "crash" when the supply runs out.

Just the essentials are included in Cocaine.

You'll notice the ingredients list is pretty short; this is because of Cocaine's efficient design. Cocaine is intended as a straight energy drink, it has a strong, but not excessively sweet flavor, and as designed, it delivers a lot of energy. By working with natural flavoring, Cocaine achieves its unique flavor without an excess of chemicals and sweeteners.

Does Cocaine contain cocaine?
No. Nor do we, the manufacturers or anybody in the FDA recommend, condone, encourage or applaud the use of illicit drugs.

Why was it labeled Cocaine?

The manufacturers thought it was funny. We did too. The FDA didn't.


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oh haha. it isnt that strong. the energy drink i buy has 300mg of caffene in it, the same as 4 cans of red bull


Anybody tried Cocaine?

One of my favorite songs by Eric Clapton. Anyways, it was banned because of the name. How the hell can you have an energy drink called 'cocaine'? Common sense, is not so common these days ;). Thats what I heard on the radio station anyway about a week ago 105.5 the beat (south Florida)

If you want quick energy drink one of those 5 hour shot energy drinks. Those work pretty good. :D


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It was taken out of convenient shops, gas stations, etc because of the name basically. It wasn't about it being "too strong" but more so them worrying that a young child seeing "cocaine" would give them the wrong idea. You know typical, control. However, I can sort of agree in principle with their reasoning.

BUT, to answer your question...nope. I'll stick to my Red Bull athankyouverymuch.


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These misleading titles don't work as well when you can point to them in the Social Lounge forum and the first thing you see is "Haha I got your attention didn't I?" :p
the makers can say anything is true about that energy drink and the FDA cant do anything about it. that part about "there is no crash" is utter BS, the high amounts of glucose is what makes you crash, since the sugar is burned so fast, one minute you feel hyper(since the sugar is burning) the next your tired since all of that sugar has been used.


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Yeah, think equilibrium. Say we put ole Rudster here on one end of a see-saw.

He's just siting there, minding his own business when all of the sudden, an extremely large meteor (in this case, the energy drink) comes hurtling toward the other side of the see-saw at a blistering 200 mph. Assuming the see-saw doesn't break from the impact, Rudster is now taking a little cross-continental flight. Then gravity takes over. Guess where Rudster is going? He's flying back down as fast as he went up. Luckily he landed inside the Tempur-Pedic factory in Sweden, so the visco-elastic memory cells saved his life. And that's how energy drinks work.

I'm the master of analogies! Thanks for willingly participating in my explanation, Rudster.